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Ralph Sevelius made this amazing Star Wars Princess!!

- Jedi Ariel

- Padawan Rapunzel

- Sith Snow White

- Bounty Hunter Mulan

- Slave Princess Jasmine


i will never stop reblogging this

I seriously want to cosplay Jedi Ariel. Too bad I never have a place to do so nor can I actually make costumes. 


DC Bombshells - Black Canary by Ant Lucia / Website & Tim Miller

10.5” Resin statue, designed by Lucia and sculpted by Miller, premiering at SDCC 2013, booth #2315. Available afterwards from DC Collectibles HERE.

I’m pretty much collecting everything related to this. Glasses, statues, planning a tat. I just love this Black Canary so much and wish DC would retcon this as her mom’s original look or something and make books about her.

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